NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg Wants To Be Big Brother?

If you have read Orwell’s book 1984, you can understand how the fear of Big Brother could be realistic instead of a conspiracy theory. In the book everything is observed and controlled for the good of society. In New York City, Mayor Bloomberg believes that more traffic cameras are good for society, especially since they generated an additional $52 million in revenue last year.

NYC already has 175 traffic cameras. That is about $300,000 in revenue per camera. No wonder the esteemed mayor would like to add another 50. What mayor would turn down another $15 million in free money? The cameras allow the city government to take huge chunks out of its citizens pockets and convince them that it is for their own safety and the good of society. Also makes you want to avoid a New York auto loan altogether, doesn’t it?

With satellites, ATM cameras, security cameras, and cameras placed by Homeland Security most Americans are caught on camera at least once a day. Why would anyone think that Orwell was on to something?