GM Unknowingly Gives $600,000 Contract to CFO’s Wife’s Ad Agency

General Motors doing its best ostrich imitation has said that it had no idea that Chief Financial Officer Dan Ammann’s wife was a partner at the advertising agency that the automaker had given a $600,000 contract. Apparently, the Ammann’s marriage suffers from a lack of quality communication.

Pernilla Ammann is the chief operating officer and a partner at Mother New York, the ad company that helped Chevrolet celebrate its 100th anniversary last autumn. According to published reports, Dan never would have learned about the contract if it wasn’t for a story about the contract appearing in the pages of the trade journal AdWeek in October.    

This oversight might not only be against GM’s internal policy, it may also prove to be illegal. Once the truth came to light, GM had to inform the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission that the deal had not previously been disclosed.