Video: Races Between Horses and Cars Become Thing of The Past

Retired Jack Johnson lost an auto race to racer Barney Oldfield 102 years ago this October 24. Though the finish was not controversial, the race itself sure was with the American Automobile Association denying a license to Johnson and also threatening to suspend Oldfield’s license if he followed through with his plan to race the […]

Jason Kidd Totals Caddy in DWI Crash

Jason Kidd has totaled his Cadillac Escalade in an alleged driving-while-intoxicated car crash in New York earlier this week. The accident that took place following a fundraiser in East Hampton, NY, occurred when Kidd lost control of his vehicle causing it to slam into a phone pole cracking it, the pole, in half. The long […]

GM Unknowingly Gives $600,000 Contract to CFO’s Wife’s Ad Agency

General Motors doing its best ostrich imitation has said that it had no idea that Chief Financial Officer Dan Ammann’s wife was a partner at the advertising agency that the automaker had given a $600,000 contract. Apparently, the Ammann’s marriage suffers from a lack of quality communication. Pernilla Ammann is the chief operating officer and […]

Cannonball Run Lives on in the Gumball 3000

This year’s Gumball 3000 will soon end when its participants hit the west coast. Kicked-off last week in New York City’s Times Square, this year’s lineup of speedy vehicles includes Aston Martins, Ferraris, Local Motors Rally Fighters, a Morgan Motors open-air 3-wheeler and Lamborghinis.   Though the rally that in many ways honors the iconic Cannonball […]

Buggy Driven by Drunk Amish Kids Crashes into Cop Car

Four Amish youths crashed their horse-drawn buggy into a police car as they tried to flee from  the cops who were responding to a report that a gaggle of Amish youth were hitting the bottle at the side of a Chautauqua County road. The drinking and buggy riding youth were charged with illegal possession of […]

Top 10 Speed Trap Cities: NYC is Tops! has done its civic duty by releasing its list of the top 10 speed trap cities. The list was compiled from reports of speed traps provided by the website’s 15 million users. The community platform site enables its users to report and share with one another information about speed traps, enforcement cameras, road hazards, […]

18 Year Old Fraudulently Obtains Auto Loan in Utica, NY

We normally think of men as being the ones who cheat people and companies by fraudulent measures, but that’s not always the case. A good example of this was set by a 18-year old woman who has succeeded in getting a car loan in Utica, NY, for $18,000 by fraudulently getting the loan papers signed […]

NY Auto Loan Deals: Self Reliance New York Credit Union

Shopping for the lowest rate auto loan you can find?  If you live in NY, Self Reliance Credit Union may have the answer.  They are offering New York auto loans at rates as low as 4.25% for up to 60 months.  Let’s look at the criteria: Must Have 5% Down Payment (Credit Union Will Finance […]

NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg Wants To Be Big Brother?

If you have read Orwell’s book 1984, you can understand how the fear of Big Brother could be realistic instead of a conspiracy theory. In the book everything is observed and controlled for the good of society. In New York City, Mayor Bloomberg believes that more traffic cameras are good for society, especially since they […]

NYC Operates Largest All Electric Fleet In America

In a city where traffic congestion and smog are facts of daily life, the NYC government is doing its part to cut down on emissions. The police department recently added several Chevy Volts to its parking enforcement fleet. The Volts are part of a larger purchase of 70 all electric vehicles including 50 Volts, 10 […]